Messenger of the Latter Rain


Messenger of the Latter Rain

Dear XXX,

I don’ t know if you remember. Probably about 13 or even 15 years ago we were all at the Lord’s Land Big House. I think it was a Land and Sea meeting. I had one of my common headaches and an older lady prayed for me and then you joined her. I never knew her name, but she and her husband moved up to Oregon (or North somewhere) shortly after. Anyway, she started crying and saying over and over again. “This is a precious one, this is a precious one.” Then she said, “the backbones of the body are coming together”. It was a very emotional message.

I know personal prophecies are to be pressed into. Now I am living in Youngstown, OH. I suspect that the ministry is going to move sometime this year. They are looking at Texas, because there seems to be people who want to help fund the TV ministry. Just about all of us want to move with the ministry. I know when this thing is released it is going to be one of the shockwaves (earthquakes – which actually mean changes in mindsets) that hit the world. The message is really that Jesus is now coming back, He is first coming back in the bride, but the bride must make herself ready. We are spiritually made ready by having eyes to see and ears to hear the Torah and rest of the Scriptures. As we “see” him we shall be like Him. (Rev. 16:18)

The wedding feast is the latter rain of revelation that is pouring down right now. The latter rains are not like the spring rains in Jerusalem – they occur in select places first, and then later they cover everyone. God is calling out right now the servants who are to release this to the body. The truth is that they are about to be birthed forth, but they have been hidden. (Hosea 6:3)

It’s the servants coming out and warning the 10 virgins that the bridegroom is coming. It’s the wedding in Cana (sounds a lot like Canaan) where Yeshua told the servants to take the empty waterpots (people are the vessels), fill them up with water (water is revelation), and as they poured them out the water became wine. Yeshua has saved the best wine for last. (Matt.25:1-13)

It’s the wedding feast, which in Jewish tradition comes before the wedding. It’s the wedding feast, in which those who are bidden don’t come and finally he is going to release the invitation to the masses. — Over and over again we see the sleeping church does not want to wake up to this. It is too different. “You have not gone this way before”. The idea that the church has been missing it by concentrating on the carnal or literal interpretation instead of the spiritual interpretation (which comes with the eyes to see what the Spirit is saying to the churches) is an insult and they don’t even want to consider it. (Matt.22:2-14)

The antichrist is religion. It’s the golden calf that the church has formed and called YHVH. They think their boxed god and their understanding of his ways are all there is. They are eating of the tree of good and evil. The evil being their own mindsets. The true God is about to spit them out of his mouth. Sure, they may have Pentecost, but Pentecost was in the wilderness. It’s time to move on. We are about to enter the Promised Land. It’s the Land flowing with milk (for lots of babies) and honey (the wisdom of God). (Rev.3:16-18)

Yeshua is coming back to examine the tree. The tree has leaves, which are for the healing of the nations, but is there any fruit? Fruit only comes when the tree can pull up the water of revelation from the roots of the Torah. (Mark 11:13-14)

There are two babies that are being birthed right now. The religious church system and the true bride. At midnight the one is going to wake up and find a dead baby. Looking at the true church, she’s going to demand that it is her baby. Only the sword of revelation will reveal who the true church is. The sword of revelation is the revealed truth of the Word of God. It is the revelation of the mysteries hidden. (1Kings3: 16-28)

Jesus taught in parables because he wanted the world to know that the whole scripture is a parable. Yes, it truly happened, but God is such that he can orchestrate events to capture his spiritual meanings. The earthly tabernacle is patterned after the spiritual tabernacle. It is a shadow, a dark saying, a parable —- a shadow that needs to be filled up with the real. The study of the types, parables, symbolisms etc. is a necessity for getting the bride ready. The gates of the New Jerusalem are made of pearls. Pearls are symbolic of parables. (Rev.21: 21)

Nature is a parable. A caterpillar goes through a metamorphosis. There is a dissolving inside the cocoon, and when the hormones of the head meet the hormones of the body the change takes place. God wants to come and take over our mindsets. As we take on the mind of Christ a change will take place. The mysteries of the kingdom of God are in the parables. When we spiritually “see” Jesus through them, we become like him. (Matt. 13:35, Luke 8:10, 1 John 3:2)

The prophecies of Tommy Hicks, Smith Wigglesworth, etc. are happening now, and the church must wake up and get eyes to see it.

“Anoint thy eyes with eyesalve that thou mayest see”.

Sorry, I guess I started preaching. J I’ll catch you again later.    

~ Juanita   8-30-08



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