Awareness of the Time

Awareness of the Time     

I recently sent a friend an invitation to come to Forerunner Ministries for teaching, or to join the “School of the Prophet” with Prophet Michael Petro. In response I received the following request: What can you share? I would like to know more about his teaching. I can see you are sure sold out; what impresses you so?

What follows below is my response to her:

 Wow, I could write so many reasons, but I think so much of it has to do with an awareness of the time that we are in and that God is revealing to us right now that we can come into his glory and how to do so. Matter of fact I really believe that those that don’t press in right now are in danger of missing out what God has for them. God started sending the early rains around 1994. That is about the time that he revealed things to me, but I found out later that he was revealing revelation to people all over the world. In 1996-97 I went to school for echo and took a 10-year detour. I’m just glad that God again brought me into his flow. I don’t know if you remember how after Teen Challenge I was getting so excited about things I was finding in the Word.

It was the former or early rain. The former rain occurred when Jesus came and the first couple hundred years of the church, but then in the 2000 year church age, which corresponds to the 40 (times 50 jubilees) years in the wilderness, there has been a drought. Yes, there has always been a remnant, but primarily the church has been in a drought. Yes, there has been manna from heaven (though many church members loathe it), there have been some miracles, but it is nothing compared to what God is about to do.


The former rains are all the revelation about Jesus’ first coming. The latter rains are revelation about his Second Coming. It’s not the literal reading of the scriptures, it’s the Word illuminated by the Holy Spirit, it’s the revelation of the mysteries (spiritual meanings) in the scripture. (I can show you over and over how the mysteries are really what God wants us to know.) It is really the mysteries that bring the washing of the Word and bring an entering into God. The Jews knew all about the mysteries, and they almost got it, but they refused to believe the way God was doing it. They didn’t think it possible. It’s the same today, except the church has thrown out the mysteries or deeper things in the Word.

 Jesus’ whole time with the disciples was spent teaching them how to interpret the parables that he was teaching because he wanted them to know how to interpret the Bible. It is really another language, but once you start spiritually “seeing” it, you start seeing the same patterns over and over again in scripture, and the deeper you go, the more you start seeing it. We’ve gone down to the Hebrew letters, then the Ancient Hebrew pictograms, and even to the gematria, but it all says the same thing as the revelation of the parables. It just gives more confirmation that it is true.

 The revelation that is coming forth now is the latter rains. The latter rains start off in select places in Israel. The Scripture says the former and latter rains would fall in the same month. That’s because some people are just catching up on the former rains. In the church system they had no clue that every Old Testament story, the Torah ordinances, the miracles, the tabernacle, all pointed to Jesus. Thanks to the Messianic movement, many know a lot of these things, but the Messianic movement is still missing it. They haven’t received all the keys. It’s not a knowing about it all; it is getting the keys and entering in. Plus, it’s a seed. Jesus said, the seed is the Word. The Messianic are trying to eat the shell and all. The seed has to be opened up and the shell discarded for the new plant to grow.


The golden calf in Deuteronomy is religion. Religion has infiltrated our churches. It is the great deception. Are the people in our churches really Christian? Yes, if they had at one time a revelation of Jesus for salvation. Many have only made a mental decision, and we all know that just mental ascent does not change anyone for any length of time. From what I’ve see of the church in recent years is that it has kept them babies. The babies are looking everywhere for food, but in most cases it is the blind leading the blind, for many of the pastors themselves have no illumination.

 More recently I was with a group that was stressing apologetics. I went to seminars for two days. It was sickening and disheartening. There was no entering into God, everything was about God, and even worse, in most cases it was their opinion “about God”. Though they had a heart to do good, they did not realize that their opinions were in many cases putting up blockages which would later prevent their audience from chasing after the light. (See first dream below). It is actually the case of the Pharisees which compass land and sea to make one convert, and when made they make him twice the child of hell as they are. (Matt. 23:15) I used to think, of all the bad things this new convert was taught to do, but really it is that he has received false teaching, and he adds his own false teaching, and now he starts preventing the light from coming into others.

 All through history the feasts are when God does spiritual things. It can be shown since creation. Jesus himself died on a feast. John the forerunner was born on a feast, Jesus was probably born on the Feast of Tabernacles, he arose on a feast, but there are countless more examples. As to your original question, “what impresses you so?” It’s that God has revealed all these things and he want’s us to know them, enter into them, become like him, and “MARRY HIM”. Can there ever be anything more awesome, that the God of the Universe wants to change me? Us? He wants this mortal to put on immortality!! (1 Cor. 15:53)

It’s also that there are true Prophets and Apostles. It’s not a fairy tale. Maybe he would have already raised me up as one if I had run with it the first time. But he’s giving me a second chance, and I’m not going to miss it this time. He’s raising up true Prophets and Apostles to get the bride ready. If you have ever seen a plant that sits in a pot too long, you know that it takes quite a while, and lots of care to get it to grow properly, and sometimes it even dies. That’s why the unchurched are actually going to catch on to this quicker than the churched. The church thinks they know everything to know about God (what a horrible thought – maybe their god). It is the church, just like the Jews in Jesus’ day, that fight the most against this. They don’t want to see that they are missing it. If you look at the parable of the 10 virgins, and of Orpah and Ruth (symbolizing the Gentile church), only half are going to go into the wedding feast. Only half of the true Christians will make it.


There is a change coming. At midnight the one mother said the other exchanged her live baby for a dead one. The Church is going to wake up and find that they hold a dead baby, because when the change comes the Spirit of God is going to totally leave them (as He has already in some places). They are going to accuse the true church of stealing their baby. Only Solomon’s sword, the double-edged sword, is going to be able to bring about the truth. One side of the sword is the natural understanding; the other is the spiritual understanding. The point is where the two meet – the revelation of the Word. William Brahnam saw the sword of the Lord; it had a hand guard of gold (the glory) and a handle made of pearl (which is symbolic of the parable, the hidden things, and also that which makes up the gates of the New Jerusalem. The New Jerusalem is us, we enter in through the parables, or understanding of Yeshua (Jesus) through the Word. (Yeshua is the door.)


What is happening right now is the gathering together and training of Joel’s army. Some are ready or have already gone out. It’s the sending out of David’s might men. There is an urgency to get the invited guests to the Wedding Feast. The Wedding Feast is the revelation that is being released right now; it’s the latter rain. In Jewish tradition the wedding comes before the marriage. The bridegroom himself is girding himself, making them sit down to eat (which speaks of being in a place of learning), drawing near and serving them. He serves them meat, which speaks of an ox (an apostle) being sacrificed. If the invited guests don’t come, it is going to the masses, but on those that rejected it, the door or their ability to get revelation may be closed forever. The Holy Spirit is the one who gives revelation. Do not anger him, for he is the one who is showing us the way.


Everything that is true of Jesus, ultimately becomes true of the overcomer. When it speaks of Jesus being sacrificed, the overcomer also has to be sacrificed in the spiritual. He is becoming the meat for the world. Just as Jesus grew in wisdom and knowledge, the overcomer has to have his waterpot filled with revelation. When he is filled, then he is ready to be poured out to the nations. The water in this feast turns to wine, and the best wine is saved till last. Jesus said of the fourth Passover cup he would not drink of the fruit of this cup until the Kingdom of God would come. You can be the one to serve the Master of the feast.


But following the Wedding Supper, comes the consummation and the marriage. Read Tommy Hicks dream on web site. God is making us into prophets, priests and kings. Prophets reveal the Word, priests crack open the seed of the Word (Ancient Hebrew definition) and bring others to the sacrifice, and kings take dominion and rule. In the millennium these are to rule and reign in the earth. When it says that Yeshua is coming back with 10 thousands of his saints, it actually means he is coming back with a revelatory bride. (The Hebrew word for 10 thousand actually is the root for the word rain and showers – which speak of revelation). The bottom line is that He wants a bride that is in love with Him, and he is revealed through the revelation.

 Did I answer your question?  Is there any thing else that I can do?

Blessings, ~ Juanita


 Ps. I wanted to share two dreams that people I know had concerning the above information.

First dream:

This dream was regarding the apologetics seminar that I talked about. One of the students at the school where it was held had a dream right beforehand. In his dream he was sitting on a hill looking at the moon when huge pieces broke off of the moon and formed stone boulders that surrounded the school. As they did so they blocked out all the light rays coming in. The only people that had any light afterwards were those who had flashlights.


The dream interpretation is this:

Mountains and hills speak of places of learning. The student was sitting in a place of learning when he saw this. The moon meant the moon glory, which refers to baby Christians who reflect the Lord’s glory, but have none of their own illumination. (The moon glory speaks of the outer court. The star glory speaks of the inner court where because of the Holy Spirit the golden menorah and the altar of incense gives off some light but not total light, and the Sun glory refers to the Shekinah glory in the Holy of Holies). Stones are people. Jesus was the Rock, and among other references for stones is in Luke 21:5 where Jesus said how the temple was adorned with goodly stones, and in Luke 19:40 how the stones would cry out if the disciples held their peace. In this dream these dark boulders became stones that surrounded the school and prevented illumination from getting in. It was only those inside that had their own illumination that could see anything.

Second dream: From a friend attending a local church:

In the dream, she was walking through the foyer and happened to look out at the parking lot where the driveway of the International House of Prayer was. She saw this “baby” dressed in a sleeper, crawling away from the church as fast as it could go. Occasionally, it would look over its shoulder to see if anyone was coming, then crawl all the faster away from the church. It was heading towards Rt. 422, past the prayer center. She shouted and no one inside the church seemed particularly alarmed at the site. She thought, “What is wrong with you! Go get the baby!” She ran out the glass doors towards the baby. By the time she got outside, it had already reached Rt. 422 and had taken a “left” towards Youngstown, crawling alongside the road.

When she reached the baby, she noticed that 422 appeared like a parade had just gone through. There was confetti, candy, streamers, debris, etc. strewn all along the sides of the road. The baby was crawling through the debris, rummaging as if it was looking for something to eat.
She picked the baby up. It was relatively clean and well taken care of. She took it back to the church and carried it to the Nursery Department but it had no “identification sticker” on its back to indicate that it was a Nursery baby. Because it didn’t have a sticker, no one cared whom it belonged to and had pretty much an–“it’s not my problem” attitude. Well, since no one was willing to “claim” the baby, it became “her” responsibility, so she took the baby home.
When she got home, she called her daughter and asked her to come over. When she came, they set the baby on the table and began to examine it more closely. They could tell it had been well taken care of but wasn’t walking yet. When they opened its mouth, they were surprised to see two sets of teeth–there was a full set of “baby” teeth and there was a full set of “adult” teeth at the same time. They were taken aback by the sight. At this point, she woke up.

The interpretation is this:

Every church has a “baby”, It’s what is produced by the church, – the sheep. In this case the baby was alive, and the outside of the baby has been well taken care of, but there has been no growth because the baby has been left to rummage among the various activities and “shows” for food. The baby was not content to stay in the church, but was leaving fast and trying to get away before anyone saw it. The sheep go to the right, and the goats to the left. The baby turned to the left, so it was not making good decisions. (I also might say that it was going away from Forerunner in New Castle, instead of towards it – but I didn’t want to put my own convictions into it.) My friend seemed to be the only one having spiritual sight into what is going on, and was very concerned about the “baby”. The two sets of teeth are showing that the baby should be grown up by this time, and even has the capability to eat solid food, but because of lack of spiritual food, never grew. If left on it’s own the baby will certainly die because of the danger of the road. The fact that the baby had no identification was because it is fatherless. The apostles are the fathers, and the prophets are the mothers of the church. I was later informed that the two sets of teeth also indicate that the baby is eating a mixture of baby food and adult food. It is a duality in the teaching, which is partaking of the tree of good and evil.

Jb   9-24-08